Rise in Foreclosures Blamed for Rise in Health Issues

Wednesday April 22, 2009

A report, which was recently released by the Public Health Department of Oakland, California, draws a connection between the number of foreclosures that are occurring in the area with rising concerns about healthcare and wellness. According to this report, which was also sponsored by housing advocacy groups, foreclosures are causing increased stress levels, blights in the community and the need for children to be uprooted from their schools. Not only does this unfortunate event cause emotional damages, but also damages to physical health, as well.

Elevated blood pressure can cause numerous heart problems. Visits to the emergency room may increase, as people become more impulsive to solve their financial problems. Also, attention to the resources needed to be healthy, such as good foods and medications may go by the wayside as individuals and families struggle to keep their homes.

It was found that nearly one-third of the 2,500 foreclosed properties in Alameda County were actually located in the city of Oakland. This number is extremely high, but is not unique. Homeowners around the country continue to struggle against home foreclosures every day.

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