Nevada Makes Robo-Signing A Felony; Foreclosures Coincidentally Stop Being Filed

As of October 1st, Nevada State Assembly Bill 284 took effect, charging foreclosure services with a felony and up to $5,000 for any falsified or robo-signed document. And now the statistics are in on what a difference that made: An 88% drop in Clark & Washoe counties, the largest counties in the state. The actual numbers were 5,360 filings in September and just 600 in October!

This just goes to show how common abuses are in the foreclosure industry. Many states, including Nevada suspended foreclosures in order to review them for fraud last year...However many have reported that nothing in their policies or practices changed whatosever and business went back to normal last winter once the furor had died down. In this case the proof is really in the statistics.

Now the OCC is saying they are going to have a review process for people who think they have been fraudulently foreclosed on, even though the OCC has so far refused to use its power to curb, investigate, or indict anyone for foreclosure abuse. This same body would have had the power to do something about these robo-signing problems last fall when the story broke but until now it has just been a few states standing up to these problems along with a growing chorus of foreclosure defense attorneys and advocates.

So in around 49 other states if you are near foreclosure someone may still be getting ready to file some fake documents in order to take your home. You could submit your claim to the OCC - which so far has helped no one - or try the route that has saved as many homes as the courts are willing to not blindly sign away - get an experienced foreclosure defense attorney

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