Alternatives to Foreclosure

If foreclosure looms because you’ve missed some payments, or you think you will soon, it’s time to face what’s probably the toughest question of the whole foreclosure process: whether or not you should try to hang on to your house.

Of course, you must take a good look at whether it’s financially feasible to try to keep your house. But the decision isn’t always a simple matter of finances and cash flow. You’ll need to sort through emotional factors, too. Would the loss of your residence be so catastrophic that you would do anything to keep it, or might you be better off letting go and moving on? Can you accept foreclosure as an economic setback rather than a personal failing?

The articles below will help you figure these things out and decide which direction you want to go. You'll learn how to move forward, either to take steps to keep your house or to start planning how to give it up in the most emotionally and economically advantageous way.