Getting Help with Foreclosure

At some point, as you make your way through the foreclosure process, you're going to want help from a human being. Someone who knows the territory--a lawyer who's familiar with what local judges will approve or a real estate agent who can tell you how quickly your house will sell--can be an invaluable guide. Here you'll find some guidance about who can help you, where to find help, and how to choose someone who will best suit your needs.

If you can't afford to pay for help, you don't like the answer you get to your questions, or you just would rather get the information yourself, we also provide you with a list of helpful and informative books and websites to get you started on your legal research. We'll also give you the tools to help you find your state's foreclosure-related laws. Most, if not all, state foreclosure laws can be accessed online or found in a law library or even a general public library.